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Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions are considered a legal contract and it is the agreement between the Miir company for delivery services and customers who wish to participate in our services provided, whether through our website (www.miir.ae) or the application designated for that, please be aware that these terms and conditions are subject to change So please read each item carefully before you subscribe to our service:

Limitation of Liability Policy:
To the extent permitted by law, Miir company provides of this content and website on an “as is” and “as available” basis and we do not make any commitment or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the quantity or condition of the product or that it will be free of Mistakes. And subject to the previous paragraph, Miir delivery is an electronic platform that connects between the customer and the Miir shopper and does not sell, and what you provide from an online service to users is only to provide the ability to search and find their requirements on the site that Miir shoppers provide and deliver to their addresses And demand through it. Miir Delivery will not be obligated or responsible for any products or services provided by shoppers that are unacceptable to the customer, or that do not meet the expectations of the customer in any way.

Payment Methods Policy:
Upon accepting your request, this represents an agreement between you as a customer and Miir shopper, and it is your responsibility solely on you. Payment is made in cash directly to Miir shopper who fulfills the order. Payment methods through which you can get our services either by paying the amount in cash, or by using a credit card upon delivery of the request, or bank transfers to a Miir shopper account and we accept that we provide our services to a customer from 14 years of age or older. We do not accept checks as a method of payment, and we only accept the currency of the United Arab Emirates (UAE dirham), and the order is only delivered to the address registered with the applicant’s data, and we do not allow our employees to deliver any goods to any other address that violates the address registered in the applicant’s data.

Order List:
We are obliged to bring what the order list contains either in the same quantity or with what is available from it, and the addition according to the desire of the customer.

Payment amount:
The minimum order we accept for service is 200 dirhams, and the maximum order is 3,000 dirhams.

Pricing Policy:
Miir Delivery provides only one service which is collecting the order and prepayment of the customer and delivering the order to the door of the customer’s house after confirming the order, and taking into account the fluctuation of prices and that the prices are constantly changing, and the final amount of the service will be offered to you by the Miir shopper, and you must agree to Pay the full amount in order to obtain the service and you will receive an electronic bill “your final bill” through your email registered in your personal data.

Delivery policy:
We deliver orders at the main door of the applicant’s home, and we do not allow the delivery person to enter the home.

Order Cancellation Policy:
The applicant can cancel the order before the team collects the request, through the phone call made by the Miir shopper to confirm the order, and e-mails or SMS messages are not accepted as a request for cancellation, and the Miir team has the right to cancel the order if they tried multiple times to contact the customer and there was no answer to the call.

Blocked Customer Policy:
If the customer refuses to pay the amounts due on the service provided to him, he will be classified as (prohibited customer), and no service will be provided to him again, unless he paid the previous service fees, and then he will be transferred to the list of clients that we are happy to serve.
If the customer verbally or physically abused the Miir shopper, or if he caused any material or moral loss by any means whatsoever to the Miir company, we have the right to refuse to provide our services to him again, and their status (prohibited clients) will not be changed.

At Miir , we look forward to an easier life and one of our priorities is to preserve the environment, so we rely on electronic bills in the transactions monitored on the site or in the application and the Miir team maintains all paper bills for review and to get rid of them in a correct way and the customer can contact the collection employee to inquire about any bill if not The purchase period shall be two days from the date of the request.
Refund policy:
The customer must check the products he received before paying at the same delivery time, and in case he gets a damaged product, an incomplete product, or a product different from the order, the customer has the right to obtain the correct product by returning the received product, and to obtain the required product Without any fees, and if the customer notices any of the previous products, he must contact customer service immediately after payment, and inform them immediately, and we will guarantee him the return service, and if communication and filing of the complaint is not made within an hour of receiving the order, the company will not be responsible for returning the product after the passage of An hour of receiving it.

Complaints Policy:
You can send your feedback or any complaints about the services in the order itself , the feedback section and the management will follow up with you as soon as possible . We are glad to serve you in all ways.