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Safio Banana Flavoured Liquid Milk – 125 gm, Pack of 18



Safio UHT flavored milk is a must for keeping your child fit and healthy. This Safio UHT Milk contains a number of nutrients. The Safio UHT Banana Flavoured Milk is a smart way of maintaining the overall health of your kid. This flavored milk is fat-free and contains calcium to provide strength to the bones and proteins to help the muscles develop. This milk is available in a delicious banana flavor and is a treat for your little one.

Key Features

Product Form: Liquid

Type: Milk

Size: 180 ml

Calcium: Yes

Fat: Full Fat

Energy Providing Nutrients

This Safio UHT flavored milk is a great source of calcium and vitamin A and D. The vitamin D present in this flavored milk enables the body to absorb calcium, which makes the bones stronger. Furthermore, the presence of vitamin A helps in maintaining the immune system of the body and promotes vision.

For your Child’s Health

This Safio UHT Milk is a rich source of protein and calories, which is very important for your growing child. This milk will provide strength to their bones and body, thus preparing them to meet the daily physical challenges.




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