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Philips HR7769 Viva Collection Food Processor 850 Watts With Accessories for + 30 Functions



Cooking is more fun when it is done with the right type of quality equipment. The Philips HR7769 Food Processor is perfect for anyone who loves cooking and experimenting with new food items. With a compact design and a 4 in 1 setup, this processor acts as a complete cooking appliance and can be accommodated in any small corner. This Philips Food Processor comes equipped with a powerful motor with 2 speeds and a pulse mode, providing power and control to prepare all your favorite recipes. The processor is equipped with an 850W motor that offers exceptional processing speeds to blend, grind, or slice efficiently. This food processor from Philips is available in a gray color and is crafted out of stainless steel and plastic.

Physical Features

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Key Features

850 Watt

Dishwasher Safe Parts

220 to 240 Volts

1 kg

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Powerful Processing

This Philips Food Processor offers a powerful 850W motor that is engineered with 2 speeds and pulse, control providing high performance and control to prepare all your personal and favorite recipes.

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PowerChop Technology

The PowerChop technology incorporates well engineered blades, cutting angles, and an inner bowl. This combination offers an efficient chopping result for both soft and hard ingredients. It is also perfect for making purées and mixing your cake batters!

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Supports a Wide Range of Accessories

The Philips HR7769 Food Processor comes with dishwasher safe accessories that enable you to prepare a wide variety of foods. A stainless steel chopping knife lets you slice up meat and vegetables finely, while the various disc inserts handle shredding and grating. The break resistant blender of 1L can be used for blending, crushing, and stirring different ingredients. The processor also includes an emulsifying disc to prepare food like whipped cream and mayonnaise, and a chopper mill to grind tough nuts like coffee beans. In addition, this food processor also comes with a 2.1L bowl that enables you to blend up to 5 portions of yummy soup in one go.

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Sturdy and Durable

This Philips HR7769 Food Processor is designed with a sturdy base stand that offers a firm grip so that the appliance doesn’t slip off when placed on a smooth surface. This food processor is also long lasting, as it is made out of stainless steel and plastic. It also offers great storage compartment and integrated cord storage.




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