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Omron GT-521 Gentle Temp Ear Thermometer



The Gentle Temp 521 measures ear temperature, but can also be used to take surface temperatures, from a milk bottle or food dispenser for example, as well as giving readings for the room temperature. With a memory capable of recording up to 25 readings, it’s possible to track temperature changes over a period of time and monitor trends. Temperatures can be displayed on the large LCD display in either degrees centigrade or Fahrenheit. Fever is a medical sign characterized by an increased body temperature above the normal range. Normal body temperature may change during any given day. It is usually highest in the evening. Fever is not considered medically significant until body temperature is above 38°C.

Product Features:

  • Multiple measurement – ear, surface, and room
  • One second measurement time
  • Backlight function
  • Readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Stores 25 readings




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