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Bosch Styline Kitchen Machine, 700 Watts [MUM52120GB]



The MUM52120GB food mixer is a fantastic addition to any keen or budding chef’s kitchen and is ideal for people seeking an all in one appliance. This mixer delivers a high quality performance, giving you excellent results, saving you time and is incredibly easy to use. Part of the Styline design family, your kitchen is not complete without a MUM5.

This professional kitchen appliance uses MultiMotion drive, a revolutionary mixing system that uses three-dimensional dynamic planetary gearing, ensuring that your ingredients do not gather on the sides of the bowl and are thoroughly mixed. The beater hooks, dough hooks and whisk move in three directions and swing simultaneously around the central axis rather than turning in a fixed direction, leaving you with perfectly smooth cake mixture with no lumps and bumps.

The powerful 700 watt motor and tightened gear means this food mixer is able to prepare heavy pasta and bread dough with no problems. Whatever you decide to bake or cook, the MUM5 is prepared for every eventuality and will bring the fun back into the kitchen.

Designed to make your life easier and the baking or cooking experience more enjoyable, the EasyArmLift supports the upward and downward movement of the multifunctional swiveling arm. The spring mechanism is activated by pressing the release button which supports the upward movement, allowing you to effortlessly lift the arm up. This arm lift makes changing over from the dough tools to other attachments and removing the bowl incredibly easy and less messy. With three individual drives for the specific attachment, one for mixing with the bowl, one for the food processing arm and one for the liquidizer, the perfect motion is ensured time after time, delivering perfect results.

There is no second guessing as to whether the attachments are fitted and secured correctly. Once the bowl is placed in its position, you simply turn it to the left until you hear a click. This lets you know that the bowl is in place correctly and will remain in place for the duration of use or until you remove it. This turning lock safety click feature works across all of the attachments. The lid lock on the blending attachment means nothing will be bursting out and over the kitchen surfaces. There is no excuse for messy baking anymore. For added peace of mind all of the drives have a cover safety lock, so no small fingers can get caught.

Product Features:

· Highly powerful 700 W motor for great results every time

· Stylish ‘Multi-motion-drive’ allowing 3 drive positions for optimum power transmission

· Multiple accessories included: Dough hook, beater, whisk and continuous shredder

· An impressive 3L stainless steel bowl ensures even the largest mixtures can be tackled

· An extensive range of optional accessories really shows that this is the ultimate kitchen machine


· 1 x Bosch MUM52120GB Kitchen Machine

· 1 x Splash Guard

· 1 x Continuous Shredder

· 1 x Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

· 1 x Liquidizer with Lid

· 1 x Metal Kneading Hook

· 1 x Metal Beater

· 1 x Balloon Whisk

· 1 x Accessory Bag

· 1 x Double Sided Grating Disk

· 1 x Double Sided Slicing Disk

· 1 x Rasping Disk




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