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Black & Decker 700 Watts Power Chopper, White – FX350-B5



Providing the capabilities to make a large variety of dishes is the Black & Decker 700 Watts Power Chopper, White – FX350-B5. The Black & Decker Power Chopper is suited for both the amateur chef and the home cook. The chopper has a large enough capacity of 2778/20’ to cope with most of your culinary needs. A Safety lock present on the lid, along with a brake mechanism provide a risk and frills free cooking experience. Making sure that the appliance does not move about during its process of operation are the sturdy rubber suction feet located at the base.

Key Features

700 watts of power

Safety lock on lid & brake mechanism

Unique SS ‘Snap-On’ blades

One pulse operation

Rubber suction feet

Mincing and cutting capabilities

The chopper possesses two high-quality blades which have a high level of sharpness and durability. These unique SS blades can be snapped on and off, helping greatly with cleaning and maintenance. A whopping 700 watt motor efficiently provides power to perform even the toughest mincing and chopping tasks. These in tandem provide a significant rotational and cutting force to effortlessly rip apart any consumable product.

Process control

The lid is transparent, letting you know the current condition of the minced food. A One pulse operation provides you a higher measure of control over the mincing and chopping functions of the appliance. This allows you to mince and chop your food based on your personal preference.


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