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Bahlsen Milk/Al Latte Waffletten – 100 g



Bahlsen Milk waffletten has a mouthwatering, chocolaty aroma and is super delicious. These chocolate wafers will be a great snack for you and your guests. Once you take a bite of the Bahlsen Milk Al Latte Waffletten, it will be your all time favorite and that is guaranteed. This unique wafers are made using good quality butter and are half coated with milk chocolate. Bahlsen is recognized for their mass production of cookies and chocolates that excel in taste.

A Yummy Treat Indeed

The Bahlsen Milk waffletten comes in a crisp, roll pattern dipped in chocolate, offering you a yummy treat. These half coated chocolate rolls give you the option of a whole milk bite or a plain wafer indulgence. They can be your perfect tea and coffee companion.

A Must Buy for You

The milk chocolate wafers are more than chocolate and much like biscuits. It includes various ingredients that include skimmed milk, sugar, butter, cocoa, lactose, and flour. They are available in an intact box weighing 100g.




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