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Aquafina Bottled Drinking Water, 24 x 500 ml


  • Perfectly pure tasting Aquafina water
  • Essential element of a healthy lifestyle
  • Easy way to restore your daily water supply
  • Quick solution to keep you cool and refreshed on a hot day
  • In convenient plastic bottles, containing 500 ml in a pack of 24 of your favourite pure water
  • With resealable cap that prevents the fluid from spilling

Water is absolutely crucial to maintaining good health and well-being. Aquafina offers you an easy way to stay hydrated during the day, whether you work at an office or spend your afternoon outside. Purified through a rigorous purification process, Aquafina drinking water provides consistent purity and great taste every time. To help you get the right amount of water anywhere you are, Aquafina is available in a convenient plastic bottle of 500 ml in a pack of 24. Unbreakable and easy to transport, it is a perfect solution to keep you going during the day or cool you down when you’re staying out in the sun.




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